• A splitter dongle that expands control to multiple AC Infinity devices using a single UIS™ port.
  • Links same-type UIS devices together via splitters in a sequential daisy chaining arrangement.
  • Compatible with programming digital controllers including CONTROLLER 69 PRO and CONTROLLER 69.
  • Connects many grow devices like EC motor fans and LED grow lights in grow room and greenhouse settings.
  • Gives multiple UIS devices access to smart controls like triggers, timers, grow cycles, and schedules.



A 2-in-1 splitter dongle designed to sequentially connect multiple same-type grow devices to our UIS controllers. Daisy-chain growing equipment like inline fans, grow lights, humidifiers, and more through a single port to set synchronized smart programming and expand your grow operation. Its compact build is engineered with premium cables to ensure a firm connection with UIS ports and connectors. Compatible with AC Infinity controllers like CONTROLLER 69 and CONTROLLER 69 PRO.


This dongle is used to daisy chain multiple same-type smart devices together in a sequence to a single UIS controller port. Designed for use with male-to-male cords included with UIS devices and available for purchase individually. Compatibility includes future UIS devices, as well as the following:

  • AIRBLAZE Series – Fireplace Blower Fans
  • AIRLIFT Series – Shutter Exhaust Fans
  • AIRTITAN Series – Crawl Space & Basement Fans
  • CLOUDFORGE Series – Environmental Humidifiers
  • CLOUDLINE Series – Inline Duct Fans
  • CLOUDLIFT Series – Floor Wall Circulation Fans
  • CLOUDRAY Series – Clip-on Circulation Fans
  • IONBEAM Series – LED Grow Light Bars
  • IONBOARD Series – LED Grow Light Boards
  • IONGRID Series – Halo LED Grow Lights
  • Outlet Devices via UIS Outlet Control Plug

Technical Specs

 Product Identification
   Manufacturer    AC Infinity Inc.
   Product Name    UIS Daisy-Chain Adapter
   Product Model    AC-ADS3
   UPC Code    819137024120
   Product Dimensions
   Total Length    10.0 in. (25.4 cm)
   Total Width    0.78 in. (2.0 cm)
   F-F Adapter Length    1.07 in. (2.7 cm)
   Product Performance and Technical Specs
   Male End    UIS
   Female End    UIS
   Max Devices Supported    20


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