Purple Haze Kush Exotic – Autoflower Feminized




A 100 % Indica exotic strain from High Level Hydro that came as the result of a Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani cross. Our Feminized seeds provide a stable version of the once clone-only Purple Haze Kush. It is one of the most popular medical varieties available in the USA. It has a high THC content that can reach more than 20%. The Indica genetics lets those plants stay small and stout with stone-hard buds at the end of their life cycle. It’s a very easy variety to grow and can be harvested after 56-60 days of flowering. Purple Haze Kush can produce heavy harvests of crystal-loaded, purple-colored flowers that have a grape aroma with a hint of flowers. Purple Haze Kush is very popular with veteran gardeners and beginning plant cultivators.

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