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  • A plant grow net designed to improve lateral plant growth and reinforce fruit and bud weight support.
  • High-quality polyester with tearproof interweaving that can hold up heavy climbing fruits and vegetables.
  • Non-abrasive 6×6” mesh provides plant stem protection while allowing ample space for pruning and picking.
  • Versatile installation in A-frame, horizontal, or vertical array and easily cut to fit your gardening use.
  • 5×15’ trellis netting for flowers, green peas, tomatoes, eggplants, and other vined crop loads.


Agricultural plant netting designed for climbing fruits and vegetables to provide weight-bearing support and improve lateral or upward plant growth. Each trellis net features 6” x 6” cells that accommodate most plants, providing soft stem protection while allowing space for pruning and picking. The tearproof interweaving design creates a heavy-duty polyester plant trellis netting capable of withstanding acute stretching. Its soft texture enables use with flowers, green peas, tomatoes and other vined climbing fruits and vegetables.


This horticulture netting is suitable for use in outdoor and indoor applications, capable of being installed horizontally, vertically, or in an A-frame array. Simply install the trellis net by a wooden post or similar structure so that it retains its shape and structure. Horizontal configurations allow you to create a scrog system that leaves ample space for pruning and picking. Vertical mounting enables support for climbing plants to avoid contact with the ground and disease. A-frame applications are best used to support the weight of gourds like cucumbers, squash, and eggplants.

Technical Specs

Product Identification
   Manufacturer    AC Infinity Inc.
   Product Name    Polyester Trellis Netting 5×15′
   Product Model    AC-TNA15
   UPC Code    819137021594
   Product Dimensions
   Total Size    5 x 15 ft. (152.4 x 457.2 cm)
   Cell Size    6 x 6 in. (15.24 x 15.24 cm)
   Product Performance and Technical Specs
   Net Material    Polyester
   Design    Interweaving


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