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MATRIX | 12.5″ – 14.5″ (12 PACK)


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Product Description
The FloraFlex MATRIX | 12.5″ – 14.5″ (12 PACK) is an essential component of the innovative FloraFlex Matrix System. This system ensures precise water and nutrient distribution to your potted plants, promoting optimal growth and yields. With the Matrix units, water and nutrients travel through the Circulator, hitting the slope of the Matrix, and being pushed outward into eight maze sections. Each section has individual holes that drip water and nutrients onto the Wicking Pad, enabling even distribution throughout the pot.

Key Features
Efficient Water and Nutrient Distribution: The Matrix System delivers water and nutrients evenly across your potted plants, ensuring they receive the necessary resources for healthy growth.
Reusable Matrix Pad: The capillary Matrix Pad, used for wicking, can be reused, making it a sustainable choice for your gardening needs.
Customizable Sizing: The Matrix units are available in various sizes to match the diameter of your pot, providing a perfect fit and optimal performance.
Top Feeding Wicking System: The FloraFlex Matrix System is a patent-pending, top feeding wicking system that delivers water and nutrients directly to the root zone of your plants, promoting efficient absorption.
Product Details
Suitable Diameter Range: 12.5″ to 14.5″
Material: Durable and long-lasting construction
Usage: Place the Matrix Pad on top of the plant’s surface, position the Matrix Unit on the pad, press down gently, fit the Circulator into the center holes, and connect your 1/4″ OD tubing to the Circulator.
Stabilization: The Matrix Unit features holes on the side, allowing you to insert bamboo sticks for added stability.
Compatible with Open Flow Bubblers: Use the Matrix System with Open Flow Bubblers (not the Multi Flow Bubbler) to ensure maximum pressure and efficient water delivery.
Q: How does the FloraFlex Matrix System work? A: The Matrix System utilizes a top feeding wicking mechanism. Water and nutrients flow into the Circulator, travel through the Matrix, and are evenly distributed through eight maze sections onto the Wicking Pad, promoting consistent hydration for your plants.

Q: Can I reuse the Matrix Pad? A: Yes, the Matrix Pad is reusable. After use, simply clean it and it’s ready to be used again, making it a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Q: Can I use the Matrix System with different pot sizes? A: Yes, the FloraFlex Matrix System is designed to accommodate various pot sizes. Choose the Matrix unit that matches the diameter of your pot for optimal performance.

Q: Can I use the Matrix System with any type of plant? A: Yes, the Matrix System is suitable for a wide range of plants, including vegetables, herbs, and flowers. It provides efficient water and nutrient delivery, promoting healthy growth for all plant types.

How to Use
Prepare your pot: Select a pot with a diameter ranging from 12.5″ to 14.5″. Ensure that the pot is clean and free from any debris.

Place the Matrix Pad: Start by placing the Matrix Pad on the surface of the growing medium in your pot. The Matrix Pad acts as a capillary mat, enhancing water absorption and promoting even moisture distribution.

Position the Matrix Unit: Take one of the Matrix Units from the 12-pack and position it on top of the Matrix Pad. Ensure that the entire base of the Matrix Unit makes direct contact with the Matrix Pad and the growing medium.

Secure the Matrix Unit: Gently press down on the Matrix Unit to secure it in place. This step ensures stability and proper alignment of the unit within the pot.

Fit the Circulator: Locate the center holes on the Matrix Unit and fit the Circulator, which is included in the pack, into these holes. The Circulator allows water and nutrients to flow through the Matrix Unit, promoting efficient distribution.

Connect the tubing: Take your 1/4″ OD tubing and connect it to the barbed nozzles of the Circulator. Ensure a tight and secure connection to prevent any leaks.

Verify the setup: Double-check that all components are properly connected and aligned. Confirm that the Matrix Unit, Matrix Pad, Circulator, and tubing are securely in place.

Activate the system: Once the FLORAFLEX MATRIX | 12.5″ – 14.5″ system is set up, activate your irrigation system or manually provide water and nutrients to the Matrix. Adjust the flow rate according to your plants’ specific requirements.

Monitor and adjust: Regularly monitor the moisture levels in your plants’ growing medium and make adjustments to the irrigation frequency as needed. Observe how the Matrix system ensures consistent water and nutrient distribution to the root zone.

Enjoy the benefits: With the FLORAFLEX Matrix System in operation, your plants will experience efficient water and nutrient uptake, leading to healthy growth and impressive yields.

Remember to follow the specific guidelines for your plants, such as their watering schedule and nutrient requirements, to ensure optimal results.

Note: The FLORAFLEX Matrix System is designed for top feeding wicking and should be used directly on top of or in contact with the growing medium. It is not intended to be suspended above the medium.


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